What is a Brand?

We begin a series of blog posts which explain the importance of your brand. What is a brand? What makes your brand yours?

Ben Gale
Published Date:
July 13, 2021

What do you consider as your brand? - Your logo? Your website?

No - these are facets of your Brand Identity.

What comprises your brand? - Leaflets? Business cards?

Again, No - the answer is everything that you do as a business

why is your brand important? - It looks pretty?

Without a defined brand, your business is a rudderless shell of its potential. - yeh, that’s blunt but it’s completely true.

Why do you need a brand?

Brand is perception!

Your customer's perception of your business, your staff's perception of the company, your competitor's perception.

It’s based on engagement, it’s based on service, it’s based on how you talk to your customers, your staff....

It’s based on your decisions, all of this builds your reputation, your reputation builds trust with your customers.

Your brand is their reaction.