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What is a Brand?

We begin a series of blog posts which explain the importance of your brand. What is a brand? What makes your brand yours?

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A bit about Ben

Ben takes a somewhat cathartic look back at where his love of design began and what drives him with Varoom.Media

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Our Videos


Welcome to the Varoom.Media Youtube channel. Here is a little video to explain what to expect from this channel as we develop it.

Woodley lunch Bunch

As a part of our website development work for Woodley Lunch Bunch we filmed their operations and interviewed the team. In post production we then added music and motion graphic elements as explainers.


As part of our branding work for Sqwobble we are in the process of creating a logo reveal teaser trailer. This is a Work In Progress.

Our Case Studies

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JAC Distributors - E-Commerce Site

Brand Strategy

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Woodley Lunch Bunch - Website


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Las Fuentes - Brochure Design & Print

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